2 entry level questions

Hi. I’m using the Fiverr template and trying to figure out how the system works in general.

  1. Can anyone tell me what the V icon is?
  2. I’m trying to add a link to the very top row of the site next to where there are some existing links but when I try, the system automatically creates the link below where I want it and i’m not able to drag it into position. Can anyone tell me how to either create a link where I want it in the top row or move the one I made in to where I want it?

Hi @Jeff

The V icon stands for Variant. Variants are a way to change the way content on a page is displayed based on some set of conditions. There is a post on using Variants here Permission-based Navigation

In your screenshot it appears you’d like the Employers link to sit to the right of Services. If that’s correct, what you need to do is drag the Employers link over the right side of the Services link. The right margin on Services will highlight orange to let you know where Employers will sit once dropped. It looks like maybe you’re trying to drag the Column rather than the Button/Link.

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