A Boundless Update

Hi Everyone,

Let me first start by apologizing for being unresponsive over the last several weeks. Due to financial constraints at the start of the year I had to let go of the team. Additionally I have had some personal matters that have left me unable to devote time outside of critical fixes to the platform.

I am currently sorting through next steps for the company and I will let you know when I have more to share.

How I will make this right:

I will be refunding your payments to Boundless over the last three months. Additionally I will credit all actively subscribed accounts with $300.

I want to thank you all for your support and for sharing in our vision for Boundless. I am a strong believer in the no code movement and believe all of you will be the next generation of app builders.



Thanks Nolan. Really appreciate it. Not easy times for sure.

For what it’s worth, I’d rather you keep our monthly payments and the credits if it helps keep the lights on and to buy a little extra time to figure out next steps. No updates, just base functionality.

Wishing you all the best.

Hi @Nolan . Sorry to hear about the rough several weeks. I’ll second what @bjimines said. Please keep the money if it helps keep the platform alive and provides a runway.

What we really need to know is if we need to start making contingency plans for our business. Please feel free to reach out privately and let us know what the near-term looks like. This would be way more valuable then the refund and credit.

Hey Nolan,

Thanks for your update!

We look forward to your plan and next steps.

I’ve been (frankly) looking for a new platform in recent weeks, but none have the combination of features (which I want to use) that are already in Boundless.

Boundless has very nice unique selling points to build “data-driven” websites / platforms. So keep going!

Good to hear from you again Nolan.

Take care.


The server costs are relatively low, they can stay up and running as is until next year.

Hi All,

I literally stumbled across Boundless today and testing out the platform as I started my journey to learn no code tools. I have noticed that this platform has very low Marketing activity but it seems like there are people from this community who are very pro Boundless tech.

As I am a newbie who does not have much understanding of coding, why should I choose this platform over a platform like Bubble or Adalo or Webflow? What makes Boundless stand out and what are the limitations to using the platform?

It would be good to see what each of you has built on Boundless.

Lastly, how do I learn to use the platform?


Boundless, for me, seemed a simpler alternative to Bubble (both enable you to have complex app in one place, without too much need for something like zapier). Big limitation for Boundless seems to be funding, so there is not a developed community, regular updates, support, tutorials. Bubble is better at this (but still their support docs are not well written). I suppose still early in this space, which does pose risks for users if companies stop operating (even bubble has only raised a relatively small amount of $, and they are the market leaders).

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Same here. Looking for Bubble alternative.