Activation Required Sign Up

Hi, I’m new to Boundless and I am trying to set up a registration form but I need the user e-mail to be validated for security and legal reasons.

Now when the user registers he is able to log-in right after filling the form.
Is there a way to make the content and navigation only available after receiving and clicking an activation link? (like i had to do to be in this forum!) =)
Thanks in advance!

Hey, I’m new too! Isn’t Boundless Labs a cool no-code app?

Hope you’re still around and building your app idea.

I would set up an email notification (you can drag, drop and create the instruction in a few clicks) in your Workflows tab on Boundless, I’ve added a screenshot of the marketplace app which has notifications built in already for user activity.

From the customer and marketing perspective, consider having a checkbox where the user has to agree to receiving emails from you first, before they sign up – as this will be inherent to using the app service and from the data side, a legitimate action to being able to enjoy your app in full as a signup.

You can then also integrate additional email verification requests, which you can find in your App Settings --> pick Integrations --> add your mail server info (if you use Mailchimp or MailerLite or similar all the info you need will be there in the Advanced part of your profile on those apps)

also be sure to have a Users table added and active in the Tables tab - you’ll see all your registered users there, as you’re the SuperAdmin of your app by default. Hope this makes sense!