Boundless Page types

In Boundless there are 3 types of pages you can choose from when making a new page:

  1. Standard Page
  2. Record Page
  3. Search Results Page

A standard page has no inherent data in scope. If you want load data on a standard page you will need to use a record list. These are useful for the landing page / or other static content pages, for example: /about-us.

A record page is a page that corresponds to a table, for every row in the table an individual page will be generated following the url pattern you enter. For example if you have three users in your system, and a users record page you will have 3 pages.

You can use use three field types to lookup a record page: Id, Token and Slug columns can be used to lookup a record. You can select what field is used to lookup a record via the page settings modal.

Changing the Lookup record by will change what is used in the URL.

Depending on the use case you will want to use one of these three fields:
If you want a record page to have a meaningful or SEO friendly URL you should use a slug column.
If you want a record page to have a unguessable URL you should use the token column.
If you want the record page to have an auto-incrementing number you should use the id column.

On a record page you can also set the Title, Description and share image. This information is what is used to populate the page preview in apps like Slack and iMessage.

The final page type is a search results page. If you have a record list that you want your users to be able to link to to search one of your tables than a search results page is what you want. You can drop a search area on any standard or record page in Boundless and link the search button to any search results page in Boundless: