Can I create this in Boundless?

Can I create a small marketing API-based tool like with boundless?

Wow what a find… good idea, hope you are progressing? The tool you’ve linked to is a browser extension, so you’d need to build that as well as a dynamic customer/user profile website. Yes you can build that dynamic customer website with Boundless (yay!), and shape also create and publish any/all landing pages you’re using for leads. There’s a demo inside Boundless that you can use for that and that will literally take you about 10 minutes, it’s so easy to use.

Building a full API from scratch is a TOTALLY different ball game. Use one of these tutorials if you can, they will surely take you through the whole process to help you build your microservice from scratch. APIs need requests, confirmations and custom instructions for a server/s (or serverless servers!..).

If you’re using an existing API then you might need to look at wrapping (I think?)… which is kinda complicated. Also be very careful using FB APIs in this way… you don’t want to get banned for a ToS breach given the disclaimer updates recently.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Hi Jane,

The browser extension is out of my league for now, I understand it’s hard to build. I was referring to the main tool using the Marketing API from FB. You can see another tool like that here:

I tried to build it in Boundless but wasn’t able to make substantial progress to be honest :confused:

Ahhh OK! Hope you’re inspired to build this – or even for Twitter, seems less competitive over there? you could make it really big.