Cart / Checkout functionality

Hi Boundless team,

I am curious if it’s possible to create e-commerce Cart and Checkout functionality in Boundless.

I know there is a way to order one product/service on Boundless, however I am interested in adding multiple products to a cart and then checking out / placing an order (even without payment)

Not asking for a step-by-step guide, but more for advice if this is technically feasible to do with separate pages / workflows in Boundless.


You can try creating a one-to-one association field (e.g. ‘current order’) in the user table, linked to the orders table. Then make sure the form used to add items to the order is set to the current order. You can then filter to show only current order items on checkout page. You just need to create a new order for the user on checkout and initially on sign up because the user always needs a current order serving as the basket.

I did this but still have some issues. 1) Creating the new orders is a bit clunky- I couldn’t do this through a workflow, only through form submit buttons which don;t need to be there. 2) It would be useful to be able to add a text pop-up above the ‘add to basket’ submit, such as ‘added’. I find people click the add button multiple times becasue they can’t see the the item has been confirmed to basket.

@James - you could accomplish the added to basket notification a few different ways:

  1. Make a second display variant of the ‘add to basket’ form submit button and change the button text to say “Added to basket”. Then make a display rule that shows that variant when the current order is present for that user (or logged in user).

  2. Create a basket icon for a button in your header, then design a variant with a notification circle and set similar display rules as above.

For the latter I’ve even done notification variants where the basket table has a “status” field, and clicking the add to basket submit button sets the status of that record to “new”. When the record exists for the user and the status is new, a form button (not in the header, mind you) shows the notification and then when you click it to view the basket, that form updates the record to set the status to “seen” and the button reverts to its normal state without the notification.

Thanks @Andrew, I’ll probably go for the first option. I was using a count formula next to a basket label but it wasn’t 100% reliable for me.