Center content in middle of page

How do I center the content in the middle of the page, but without making the text centered?
I want the text to still be left-aligned, but I just don’t the items to take up full width.
If I use the center horizontal alignment button, it centers the items, but also the sub-items, which makes the text not left-aligned anymore

I want something like this for example (a Medium article), where the main content doesn’t take up the full width of the page, but the text is all still left-aligned.

It’s not clear to me if you want the text to go all the way to the left or inset.

Looking at the image provided I believe you want page structure on desktop that is:

[3 columns] [6 columns] [3 columns]

To do this I would select the column in question - left align the content (if you want images centered keep this column centered and left align the text node).

Then on the column node under grid cols and col offset select the desktop override:


Set the col offset to three and the grid cols to 6 for desktop only (unless you want this layout on mobile as well)