Congrats for new no-code tool

Hi guys;

I’m using another no-code tool for development app almost 3 years.

I had the chance to test your app for 10-15 minutes, you have a very nice interface, I will try to use as I find the time.

A little feedback, I couldn’t move the elements on the page. Either there’s been a little bug, or I couldn’t figure it out.

Congratulations, I will continue to follow.


Hi @Kodsuz, thanks for the kind words. You can move elements on the page via drag and drop, that said we know our drag and drop interface isn’t the most intuitive. Independent of this we actually had a product discussion this morning about improving our drag and drop interface. We will have more to share here over the coming weeks. In the meantime if you run into any problems building your app I would be happy to lend a hand - you can feel free to book a time to build your app here.

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Hi @Kodsuz! Welcome to Boundless! :tada:

We are actively looking at ways of making drag & drop more flexible, powerful & predictable and I’m personally super excited to see it improve.

In the meantime if you can describe in more detail what challenges you were running into, I’d be happy to help you figure it out. A screen recording would be even better!

But in general, drag and drop is well-supported, see an example gif I just made:
drag and drop demo

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First of all, I’m sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to write an answer without reviewing your app.

@nolan thank you for your kind offer. I’d like to try it myself for a while.

And it was great that you discussed how to improve the drag-and-drop part, and I’ll continue to follow you, and I’m looking forward to the improvements. I will always try to follow the forum.

@Steve thank you for your reply and screen recording.

In different apps, drag-and-drop allows me to hold the element where I want it, but at Boundless it works between columns. I will use it to better understanding more as I find the time.

Note: I hope you never lose this close interest in your users.

Best wishes