Connecting Boundless to Zapier

Zapier is a super powerful tool that you can use to accomplish many things. Connecting your Boundless App to send data to Zapier takes less than 5 minutes to setup.

  1. Create a new Zap and choose Web hook for the trigger and select the catch trigger

  2. Copy the request URL you get from Zapier

  3. Add a Http Action to the forms submit node

  4. Setup the Http action using the URL from Zapier, you’ll want to use a body encoding of JSON. You can then add any of your forms fields to the request to zapier using the boundles. You can add more keys by picking add value from the + dropdown.

  1. Now whenever the form is submitted it will send it’s data to zapier

  1. You can also view the history for these actions under workflows -> Runs (for the workflow in question) and then click the step name

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Could you keep going with this example and show an integration with AirTable? I’m not sure if it’s possible, but integrating your service with AirTable would be a game changer! I’d like to be able to create/update/delete records from Boundless that “syncs” with AirTable.

Hello @earseneau! Welcome to the Boundless Community forums! :tada:

Out of curiosity—why do you want to “sync” your data with Airtable? There’s a big overlap in functionality between Airtable & Boundless Tables. But if there’s some sort of foundational data feature or functionality that Boundless is missing, we’d love to hear about it!

That said, it’s fairly straightforward to create records in Airtable using HTTP Requests, however without getting record id’s back from Airtable, it’s not yet possible to update or delete those records (or even assign linked records in Airtable). Boundless will however enable this sort of tighter integration soon by allowing you to use response data in HTTP Requests in Workflows, which will enable all sorts of cool stuff.

Anyway let me just show you how to make an HTTP Request to push rows into Airtable. You can view your Airtable’s API docs at, I used the “Agile Product Planning” base template. Creating a record using an HTTP Request looks like this:

One note: Airtable is fairly picky with data types, so be sure they match.

I’ll post here again when we ship the ability to use response data in HTTP Requests!

Hi @Steve, thanks for the tip! I like the option of using AirTable for a few of reasons. I really like AirTable’s ‘views’ functionality. It really helps for quickly making sense of the data and I can change back and forth through views as needed very quickly. While I think Boundless is a great app, I also like having an automated data back up in a different app. It just makes me feel better knowing the data lives somewhere else. AirTable is also nice in regards to giving specific people access to a workspace.

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AirTable’s ‘views’ functionality

This type of functionality is something Boundless needs and we’re actively working on it. Keep an eye out for something similar coming soon :sunglasses:

All that stuff makes sense, thanks for the response! :grin:

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