Copy/paste apps and pages

Hi guys

Two questions:

  • Is there functionality to copy / duplicate an app? If let’s say I want one app to be the main one, and another as a demo/test one with dummy data inside.

  • Is there a way to duplicate whole page? Instead of copying elements one by one?

Hi Armen,

You can now copy an app from - just click the setting wheel and select copy app.

Duplicating a page is on our roadmap - likely in the next month or two.


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Thanks Nolan - just tried to copy it, but when I open the copied app it is blank… I cannot even see page editor.

Hey Armen,

Was this a published app? It currently only copies published pages/workflows (UX oversight on my part). If not would you be able to give me the app ID and I can look into it.


Yes, I copied a published one.

Here is the copied one - I assume this in bold is the app ID?

Hi @Nolan - did you have a chance to look into this?

@armen I’m looking into this right now.