Creating and Updating Records with Buttons

Hi, I am working on a simple app that would allow someone to send information just using buttons as easy-to-use inputs.

I would like for the buttons to create and update records without the user needing to use a form, enter text, or even select radio buttons. More generally, it would seem useful to allow custom Workflows to be triggered with buttons, which is currently not possible.

I have found a half-workaround by re-purposing Submit buttons without forms, which are able to create and update records. However this has two limitations: 1. the button tries to create a new record after each click, and 2. I get an error if I try to perform an Update Record action on a Multiple Option Field type (see screenshot, it won’t let me Continue).

Any tips or recommendation on this would be appreciated. Making buttons more powerful would be a great improvement.

@Andreezy I set up a test and was able to do something close to what it sounds like you’re describing with a form that has no visible inputs (I deleted the auto-created inputs after dragging the form onto the page).