.csv File Upload Error

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When trying to upload a .csv file which matches the format required by the site, I get an error message “There was a problem importing your .csv”. However there are no details or information provided as to what the issue/s are. I’ve tried uploading 4 times or so with no success.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @lidae! Welcome to the Boundless Community forums! :tada: :smile:

You’ll get that error (and the import will halt) if there is a problem saving a row. We have various improvements to data import planned that will hopefully be prioritized in the near future.

But for now you should know that complex data types are not yet supported by csv import. So the field types that cannot be in the csv are:

  • associated record(s)
  • locations
  • rich text
  • images
  • files
  • multiselect

I believe I saw an error in our logs about an invalid location so I believe that is what is giving you trouble.

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I also had some trouble while uploading CSV.
Not a 100% similar case as I did not get any errors, just some of the columns were not imported.

What helped was checking for extra spaces in the column names: column names in the spreadsheet that was used to generate the CSV did have spaces at the end that were not that obvious in my spreadsheet software and the columns at Boundless did not have such spaces.

Once I exited them to be 100% match my import was successful.
I hope this helps someone as well.

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