Dynamic chat / text inputs

Happy New Year @Steve, @Nolan, @adam & @david!

Is it possible to have posting functionality? For example, like this community where I can input text in a field and add it to a topic. I would like to allow users to comment on posts within the app.

My understanding is that user inputs have to be included within a form, but then the form has to be tied to a table. In theory I suppose I could show the comments as a series of successive fields, but that will make for an enormous and cumbersome table really quickly.


Is it just essentially just a blog-like functionality with Posts and Comments? If so, I think I can put together a quick demo for you. If it’s something different can you give a real-world example of what you’re after?

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Exactly, even the functionality for this community is a good example:

  1. Ability to make a post
  2. Other users can comment on post
  3. Likes/reply button if possible

We’ll put together a demo! I think that would be a great demo to help illustrate some of the underlying principles in Boundless (and indeed, all web app development).

@Andrew here’s a quick demo of a Blog. I’ve also invited you to the app I created.


Thanks a lot @adam, appreciate the crazy fast turnaround on that. That’s really helpful.

Could this method also be used with slight modifications for a direct message feature? IE using the access restrictions in the page settings?

I think you’d want to create a new model (I’d call it Direct Messages) and add new pages devoted to sending & viewing & replying to them. This is left as an exercise to the reader… :wink: