How do I create a list in an email template?

I’m trying to send an email for a new order confirmation. The order has a service associated with it and the service has several question records associated with it. I would like to generate a bulleted list of questions (or at the very least, each question on its own line) in the email. I’ve tried using the JOIN function with a newline (\n) character, but the newline was used literally. Any suggestions?

@gnbjohn have you tried making an email workflow on a form submit button? That’s the way I would go.

When the user clicks the submit button to confirm the order, build a new workflow where you can pre-populate the email that they’ll receive. You can even add in specific details about the order, provided the order is associated with that form.

@Andrew thanks for the response. The issue is not how to send an email, the issue is how to format an array to a bulleted list (or just have a list of items on their own lines) within the email.

Gotcha, so the goal is the bulleted list then if I’m reading you right. Wouldn’t making a workflow template with your desired formatting get the job done though?

Order.Services is an array and I’m looking for the following:

  1. Order.Services[0].title
  2. Order.Services[1].title
  3. Order.Services[2].title