How to setup the User table to handle 2 different user types


I’m working on a site that has two distinct types of users (user A), and (user B), ie. Chefs and Fans of Chefs. They each have their own profiles, and will have different functionality on the site. But both can refer each other, both can follow each other, both can comment on each others posts. Should I create a single USERS table and then have child tables to provide the attributes, or just have all the fields on the users table and a “type” field to differentiated between the two.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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:partying_face:Super cool idea!:partying_face: I really hope you’re still building this, it’s a great idea especially with the re-boom of TV chefs over the last 4-5 years…

How did it go? Did you go for the latter option?

I would go for:

One User table

  • Two separate fields based on an option (maybe use a form for this) that your customer/user picks during signup
  • Are you a Chef? []

  • Are you a Fan? []

You might get signups who are both! Which would be ace, you’d already have influencers on your platform.

Hope it’s going well, I’ve just started on my journey here in the Boundless lab.