My final Boundless update

Hi Everyone,

This is to inform you that I tendered my resignation from Boundless Labs and handled control of the company to the lead investor Breton Ventures. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to build Boundless and be a part of the no code space.

I offer you all my sincerest gratitude for being a Boundless supporter and believing in the no code movement. I have learnt and grown much on this journey with you all. Thank you for understanding and I wish you the best with your future endeavors.

Breton have communicated to me that they will continue to keep the servers running until the end of the year.



Thank you Nolan. This was an inspiring project. I appreciate your work.

Thanks, Nolan - and thanks for all of the tech transition help you’ve provided!

@ruphus and others: Hi, I’m Jay and I’m helping Breton as they decide on the path forward. I was initially retained to do a technical analysis of the system (hint: It’s really well built!) and now to assist with continuity while they figure out what’s next.

Boundless will continue running for the foreseeable future so it’s probably more accurate to say that the servers will be running through the end of the year and any kind of sunset period (if that’s the decision made) won’t start until next year at the earliest.

I’m new here and I’m still catching up on everything, but if anyone has questions then feel free to reach out and I’ll answer as best as I can. Thanks!

Jay Grieves

Dear @Nolan


But also, thank you - so much - for what you’ve built for the world!

Personally, I wish I’d found it earlier - it felt like hidden treasure in NoCode and LoCode land.

Not sure if this resonated with others here, but the beauty of Boundless was the lower learning curve of this tool compared to the likes of Bubble and even Glide.

You’ve empowered people to build something based on their ideas, and without feeling like they’re stupid for not knowing how to code.

All the best to you Nolan.
I hope this isn’t the end of your journey as a Founder. You’re someone who can make tools for people to build, create business ideas, and express themselves with.
Yeah man! :slight_smile: that’s pretty much the ultimate.

There’s such a raft of software out there - but when it comes down to it, there aren’t a whole tonne of things which accelerate from the spark of an idea, to a realised one.

All the very best to you and look forward to hearing about what are doing next.


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Welcome aboard @jaygrieves and thanks to Breton. Hope we can fight to save this… There are so many different audiences this tool could be marketed to.