Not getting emails // how to send emails to current form input?

Trying to send an invite email, but I’m not receiving anything.

Am I missing something? Configuration seems right:

Secondly, how can I set the “To” field to the email address I put in the form? This way, the email is sent to the email address I indicated.

Hi @jeremy! You can’t submit forms in Preview (or in page building mode), so to test emails you need to publish your app and go to the published page to submit the form.

You can see the Workflow history for a given email in the Workflows section of Boundless.

As for referencing the email in the form—in your screenshot, I believe the form is to create a new User, so the Current Users.Email is actually referencing the email in the form (not the logged-in user). This is a limitation of how data scoping works currently, however we are actively working on improving this so that the form’s User and the Logged-In User will both be accessible in the near future.

Check out my reply to your other post, in which I outline (what I think is) a really cool way to let your users invite other users to join a group or collaborate around shared data.

Hey Steve! Thanks. I was indeed sending actual invites on the production app. Will check your other answer for that method instead :call_me_hand: