Permission-based Navigation

My goal is to show a logged-in user a unique navigation menu. This menu would differ from the navigation that guides a new visitor around the site.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to approach this. Thank you.

Hey @ruphus

You can do this with a variant - every app includes a variant in the navbar on the right side that is based on the current user being present, you could add a variant to the navbar left or use the navbar right variant to do this.

To add a variant to the top leftbar, select the top leftbar via the tree view (top left above the page editor iframe) or via breadcrumbs (sidebar).

Click Setup display rules

Add a rule when Current User is present (this will change in the near term to say Logged In User)

You can then change which variant you are editing by selecting the active variant in the dropdown menu:

To change what is in the right nav you can update the active variant to the logged in version:

As you can see from the screenshots as you add the variants to a page or header you will see the V variant icon appear around the node.