Publishing on custom domain


How do I publish on my domain? I’ve bought it from one of our registers ( and entered it in the settings “Domain” section. But it’s extremely easy and thus weird. Nothing blocks me from entering “” there.

Any tips on how to publish website on custom domain correctly?

So, I see the CNAME in the settings and try to create a CNAME record of “www” -> CNAME I’ve been provided.

“@” doesn’t work for some reason.

I’ve also googled how Tilda publishes and they have a little bit different settings.

Okay, I’ve figured out that there’s a conflict with Google’s and Yandex’s webmaster verification (requires custom TXT record) and CNAME settings. Are there any ways to fix it? They have an option of adding meta-tag or custom html. I don’t see any options like this in boundless labs

UPDATE 2.0: works! But heroku ( shows empty page. Any ways to fix this?

I’m also looking on answers for this?
I’m hosting with GoDaddy

I used the CNAME supplied by Boundless

Then I insert to GoDaddy

It’s not working when I goto

However, it might need to propagate, if anyone can assist, it would be amazeballs!

So, what I’ve figured out by now:

“@” CNAME record conflicts with any other one. So you can’t have “@” on MX, TXT, or smth else.

Feature request:

  1. To support Google’s and Yandex’s Webmaster I need to be able to upload custom html or meta-tag.
  2. Publish on custom domain using A record (the way Tilda does), so it doesn’t affect any other records.


You should add a domain at boundless and republish the website. It’ll work on but won’t work on (without www).

That’s actually the problem, since you should somehow redirect all requests from (without www) to

Thanks the www addition worked!

Hi everyone glad you were able to resolve this together - for reference our recommended DNS provider is DNSimple. They support cname’s on root/naked domain names.