Pushing email sign-up to MailChimp

Hey guys - I’m really enjoying boundless so far!

I have a simple sign up form on my website, just one input with a button. I also have a MailChimp account.

I want the email input to be sent to my MailChimp list. I’m sure this is achievable with a workflow (http action?) - can someone point me in the right direction?


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Hi @LaunchWithoutCode,

You can totally set this up via a custom http action on the button:

You’ll need to replace the LIST_ID with your mailing list ID and the API_KEY with your API_KEY from mailchimp.

You’ll want to ensure the Body Encoding is JSON and you’ll want to have two keys, one of email address that points to the email address they provided and a second “value” of status which you set to “subscribed”


This worked perfectly, thanks!

I set the status to pending and MailChimp sent an email for double opt-in which is ideal.

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