Record page using slug in url

Is it possible to make a record page that uses a slug in the url?

So instead of


it could be


I know it’s possible to have the reference to the slug in the name of the page, but is it possible to do in the url too?

Hey Andrew! Sorry about the slow response. It is indeed possible to use the slug instead of token in the a record page url.

  1. you need a slug field on the model in question.
  2. records need values for the slug field (there isn’t a way to automatically generate them yet)
    • records without a value for the slug field won’t be linkable
  3. in the Page Settings modal, pick your slug field from the dropdown.
    (note: the path will still say _id but links will actually be generated with the slug)
    (note2: if you change a record’s slug, the old URL for it will no longer work, so for now we recommend that you not edit slugs. In the future we will likely track slug historical values so that we can redirect from old to new URLs [for example for users who have the old URL bookmarked])
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