Record pills in page paths

Hello Boundless Builders!

We’ve been asked a few times to share updates & new features when they go out, so I’ve created this topic for this purpose. This way you can be as tuned-in as you like or come back to peruse changes at your leisure.

Background / Rationale:

The first announcement is essentially just a change to how we show Record Page paths in the builder experience (that is, no changes to your live site or what your users see).

When we launched, every Record Page had a dynamic segment that we showed as (for example) /:books_id at the end of the path. This dynamic segment is essentially just a placeholder for “record identifier of some sort” and it can be an id, token or slug.

I think people found this confusing, because

  1. By default, Record Pages actually look up records by their token not by their id
  2. You can adjust how a Record Page will render its links and look up records in the page settings modal. You can set it to id, token, or a custom slug field. But that dynamic segment (eg, /:books_id) never changes.
  3. When setting up a Go To… action to send your users to a Record Page, you need to configure a Boundle that will evaluate to an appropriate record (not that record’s id—the page knows whether it needs to use the id, token or slug). This way you can change how that page’s record is resolved (for example, from token to slug) and you don’t have to go back and update every link to it, the links will change automatically when you Publish.

New hotness:

Without further ado, the new hotness:
(in page settings modal)

(in page dropdown)

We know there are still a few places where the (old & busted) raw dynamic segment are shown instead of the record pill, but those will be updated soon too.

Happy building! :hugs: