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I’m looking to receive guidance on making a page full width? I currently have sections set up through out my landing page but when I preview I see that the sections aren’t extending full width. How would I go about fixing this? Thank you!


Hi @justirma! Welcome to the Boundless Community forums :smiley:

There are probably a couple of aspects in play here.
First is the Section layout setting:

If you want the content to extend from edge to edge, you should choose Full Content Full Background. This will make your content flow to fill the available width, up to the set “Max Content Width” for your site. (When a section is “Fixed Content,” it is one of four widths, with variable margins on the right and left.)

You can set “Max Content Width” in the Styles editor for your site. If you scroll down in the Styles sidebar you should see these settings:

If I remember correctly, you typically would want “Max Page Width” to be greater than or equal to “Max Content Width”.

Keep in mind that people will be viewing your site on all kinds of devices with different screen sizes & resolutions, so you should see what your site looks like at bigger & smaller widths as well.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you @Steve! This was super helpful.

What is the common max page width and max content width if I’m looking for the content to always go edge to edge on any device? Thinking percentages would make sure content is always responsive but not sure?

This is what I currently have as you can see even though I changed sections to Full Content Full Background I’m still getting the white margins.


I had a similar issue, and just increased max page width (e.g to 3000). Then the white spaces should not be visible on majority of screens.

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@armen is spot on!

Just to add a bit here, I googled around to see what the largest monitor (by pixel width) was and I found this interesting article (tl;dr: technically there is an 8k display available but it sounds like no one is really using it yet).

I’m not sure how common 5k monitors are. I happen to know a number of people with 4k monitors. Then again, looking at statcounter, it seems like most people are still on 2k monitors (so 3000 max page width should be plenty for a large majority of people).

@armen @Steve you both rock! thank you! :slight_smile:

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