Share image not working on social platforms

I’ve set a share image for a number of my pages, but the images don’t come through any social channels that I share the page on. Each platform pulls a picture from the page, but typically not the one that I actually want.

Has anybody else experienced this too?

Hey Andrew,

Could you provide links to the pages in question?


So interestingly, when I post the second link here the share image come through properly. But not when I share on Facebook?

It looks like it is working in slack for me:

iFramely also confirms that it is setting share headers correctly:

What platforms are pulling the wrong images?

That’s good news for Slack!

Facebook is the one that’s still having trouble finding the proper images. The page description comes through okay though.

Can you give a link/more information on how you are sharing the link on facebook?


Sharing through a newsfeed post. It recognizes the link but does not bring in any of the description or picture for the birthdays page.

Do you have examples of URL’s where it does what you’re expecting?

Not at the moment. I wanted to ensure I was doing things properly before rolling out to all of the other pages, so I only have the image set on a handful for this app.

The closest would be the homepage specified above. The description comes in but not the right images:


Do you have links from non Boundless apps that do something different/what you expect?

Here’s an example with TechCrunch. When I share the link, it includes a picture that looks to be purposefully created for the purposes of sharing. I suspect this because 1) this image doesn’t appear on the link being shared and 2) is the inverse of the logo that’s actually on the page.


So essentially I expect the share image on Facebook to use the same image that I set in the app (just like Slack brought through properly).

Could this be something on the FB side? Maybe needs more time to propagate?

Hey Andrew,

I looked into this and came across this article. Which lead me to two things:

  1. Caching - facebook caches their share values - you can use their debugger to clear the cache
  2. Using the facebook debugger for your page shows a warning that the image is too small (min size is 200px by 200px) You can select a larger image here and then clear try the facebook debugger again.


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Looks like you nailed it with that debugger and the image size being too small. That did the trick.

Thanks very much for your help - you’re a genius!

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Glad that worked, happy to help!