Show a list of files to download

Hi guys,

I have a record page with information and associated files of the record.

How can I enable users that visit the page to:

  1. Show the file names, and not URLs
  2. Be able to download the files (mutiple) ?

Right now I am only able to only show the file URLs as text.

Attaching the screen shot.

Thanks in advance!

Hey! I can’t check right now but for each file if you store file name, file URL etc then you should display (something like) - current user.fileexample.filename

Something like that! I’ll log in soon and check what I did on mine. I’m sure someone from boundless will be around soon to tell me if in right or not :slight_smile:

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Hi Armen,

This is definitely a short coming we have right now. Here is what we are going to do to fix it:

  1. We will make a multiple file upload download as a zip containing all the files when you set it as the target in a link.
  2. Add the ability to display all file names and url’s for those files.

We will be able to resolve 1. in the very near term, we need to spend some time thinking about 2. as a team to figure out the right way to fit the building block in that it remains coherent with the rest of the system.

Will update this thread when the fix for 1. goes out. Early next week we will talk through the options for 2. as a team and let you know what we are going to do and when to expect it.


Hi @armen

Just a heads up the fix for allowing the downloading multiple files just went out. If you have a file type column that supports more than one file you can enable the downloading of those files by adding a button/link node in the context of the record (either in a record list or on a record page) and then under actions and data add a goto action. In the URL field for the goto type = to get the boundle to appear and type in Current Table Name.Multple File Field. You will see the following when you do that:

When the user clicks the download link they will get download a .zip file that contains all the files that were uploaded.

We will look into ways to render the complete list of files in your Boundless app in the near term, for now this fix should unblock you, happy building!

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Thanks for a quick fix - will give a try and let you know if I encounter issues!