Stripe Payment Integration

When using the Collect Payment functionality, only the Token request is being sent to stripe. This in turn prevents the customer from actually being charged despite the site indicating that the customer has been charged.

I have been able to use the Collect Payment functionality when using the Ninner Template. However, if I try to create my own Collect Payment action, the aforementioned error occurs.

Please advise.

Below is the feedback from stripe:

I have checked with our back end and was advised that there is no error appearing but just that the token isn’t posting to the API call from your form that is why there is no charge request being sent to Stripe. What’s missing here is the charge request being initiated by your platform going to the bank with the token id to complete the transaction.

Can we have this checked on your back end? This might be an issue with the integration from the third party platform you are using.

@matt.hutchinson did you find a solution to this?

No, I ended up just rebuilding the site.