Support is non existent?

Is there something I’m missing?

But I just don’t get replies from online support? The Chat bot or email?
It seems the only way I get replies is from the community board.

I don’t mind sometimes, however I’m a paying customer and would prefer some personal more responsive feedback?

Am I asking too much or getting something wrong here?

same here!

I have also asked questions and reported bugs several times, only once received a response from Nolan he was down with a head cold (on March 6). No response since then. I hope all goes well with him.

But this is really annoying. Support must be available.

Yeh it’s such a bummer, it gives me the feeling there is no investment into the platform
Whilst it’s actually an amazing simple platform to build with.

However if this continues I might need to consider something else like Bubble or Webflow

Ditto…not a good sign that there haven’t been any new feature updates, demonstrations etc.

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I hope the founders are ok?

This platform, still has so much potential, they should at least open source it.

Has anyone heard anything from Boundless?

Nothing here, been reaching out for weeks.