Tips: Adding a custom font

It is very common for a site to customize its font to improve its appearance. In Boundless it is easy to add a new font to any site.

  1. Select your favorite font via google fonts, adobe typekit, or othrewise. Get the custom font CSS url:

  2. Goto your Boundless app’s style editor by clicking styles while editing any page.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the styles sidebar and click Manage Fonts.

  4. Add the CSS URL to the CSS Links section:

  5. The font will automatically be parsed out of the CSS file and you can select it from the dropdown for any of your page sections in the style editor or when editing a text node directly:

Just remember some services like Adobe typekit may have domain restrictions on where the font can be used. If so add both your real sites domain ( as well as your Boundless editor site domain which can be found under: Settings -> Domains. The boundless editor domain will end with

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