Tips: Styling a Site in Boundless

With many modern website builders they allow you to build a thematically similar site however they don’t automatically generate a style guide for you. Boundless takes a slightly different approach - we start from a style guide and let you customize your theme as you see fit. If you then want to style an element differently on a one off basis you can do that via the nodes sidebar properties or via custom CSS.

You can view the styleguide for your app by clicking on styles when editing any page then selecting Styleguide from the pages dropdown.

You can then update style details for any content in your app via the sidebar and see the changes instantly reflected. For example the following is our current Header 1 setup for

This approach lets you define a general look and feel for your site once and use it throughout. It also makes it super easy to update your sites appearance as you only have to update the theme once.

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