Updating a record with an HTTP request

I am using HTTP requests to send information out of Boundless to a custom API, that works great.

But now I need my API to answer to that request with more data and incorporate that data into the Boundless record. Basically I need to perform a calculation on each record, outside of Boundless (it requires custom code) and store the result in the database to be able to offer the customer a quotation.

I can’t find the way to do this and right now I think Boundless doesn’t support this feature.

Any advice? Or any other way to update Boundless records from the outside (HTTP, Zapier…)?


Hi @diegotrap

We don’t have a way to support this right now, but it is a feature that is under active development. It will probably be a few weeks before it lands, but soon Workflows will allow data to passed between steps just as you’re describing.

We’re also working on API access for Boundless apps. This would allow updating a record within Boundless through some external service like Zapier.

Just out of curiosity, can I ask what kind of data format you’re sending and receiving from this quotation HTTP endpoint?